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Netaya Diamond Upgrade

Regardless of where you purchased your diamonds we are here to help you upgrade to the studs of your dreams.

We are pleased to offer a simple straightforward upgrade program. We are more than happy to exchange your current studs for a credit to be used towards a new larger pair. We offer both natural mined diamonds, and lab grown diamonds in many sizes up to 3 carats each stone in both 14 karat white and yellow gold.

We have made the process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

No more having to run around and shop your diamonds to someone that will not offer you the true value for them. Our team will know what pair of studs you had purchased from us, and be able to give you the current price immediately. Even if you had purchased them elsewhere our experts at Netaya will quickly work to establish the quality and value of your studs so that you can be on your way to getting the bling that you desire.

Let us help you celebrate with the studs that you deserve in these easy steps:

Step 1: A quick call with our diamond expert will help us understand more about the current diamond that you’d like to upgrade along with the desired diamond/s. Our expert will then value your diamond & give an estimate on the current value.

Step 2: Your diamond is then shipped through our complimentary shipping service & upon arrival it goes under a verification process to reconfirm the details & the valuation.

Step 3: We give you a store credit to shop your desired diamond, it's that easy!