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To determine your ring size, do the following
  • Use a piece of rope/string and wrap it around the base of your finger
  • Take a pen to mark the point on the rope where the end meets
  • Use a ruler (mm) to measure the rope
  • Choose the closest measurement on the chart below to find your ring size

Tips for best results
  • Use a dental silk in case you don't find a rope
  • Measure the specific finger on which you are planning to wear the ring
  • Measure your finger at the end of the day when your finger is likely to be largest
  • In case you ordered a size that does not fit well, you can use our ring size exchange service
  • Still can’t find your right size? Having troubles exchanging your ring? Elaborate and explain the issue to us at

Ring Size Guide

US Ring Size Circumference in mm Diameter in mm
3 44mm 14mm
3.5 45mm 15mm
4 47mm 15mm
4.5 48mm 15mm
5 49mm 16mm
5.5 51mm 16mm
6 52mm 17mm
6.5 53mm 17mm
7 54mm 17mm
7.5 56mm 18mm
8 57mm 18mm
8.5 58mm 19mm
9 59mm 19mm
9.5 61mm 19mm
10 62mm 20mm
10.5 63mm 20mm
11 65mm 21mm
11.5 66mm 21mm
12 67mm 21mm
12.5 68mm 22mm

Sizes: 3-4 are most common for pinky finger
5-9 are most common for ring finger, middle finger and index finger

Complimentary Size Exchange

Not happy with the fitting of the ring you ordered? Or have any kind of ring size issues? Don't worry because we let you exchange the ring at absolutely no extra cost.

Just follow these three simple steps
  • Share your order details on our Jewelry Returns Page.
  • Considering our ring size chart above, select the ring size you want to exchange to.
  • Place request and wait for the offline return to happen.

Note: Size exchange should be requested within 30 days of placing the actual order. Alternate rings will be dispatched within 24-48 hours of raising the exchange request.